The first step in creating a successful online store is the right design. People like to buy from stores that are designed well, look trustworthy and professional, profile products beautifully, and are easy to use.

We create online stores that people like to use and will buy from, again and again.

We design online stores using the eBay, WordPress and Shopify platforms.

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Whether you need a new store or have an existing one contact us and together we can chat about your needs.

All our stores are easy to manage and maintain.

Our other design services include:

  • Design your product photos. We prepare your images by removing cluttered backgrounds, retouching, cropping and applying to a white background. This is known as deep etching.
  • Graphic design to help you promote your products such as banner design, coupons, catalogues etc.


Once your store is live it’s important to maintain it well. This involves updating your store with new products and content, managing your stock, as well as assessing and improving sales.

We offer two ways to maintain your store.

1. Do it yourself with help from us.

If you are the hands on type you can manage the store yourself with assistance and training from us. Just tell us what you need and we will be there to help.


2. We can do it for you.

Or if you don’t have the time we can easily maintain your online store for you.


Our other maintenance services include:

  • Add new and update existing product listings
  • Bulk product listings
  • Manage inventory levels between your website and stores
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