4 Tips to help you sell more effectively on eBay

eBay is a leading marketplace in Australia hosting many iconic and independent brands and is the preferred buying platform for many people because of its diverse product range and Money Back Guarantee.

eBay operates quite differently to an online store where feedback (peer review) and eBay’s best match algorithm rewards sellers by ranking their listings higher on search results based on merit and quality of information.

It is a platform that is easy to start selling online (often in a couple of hours) with access to millions of potential buyers and can be profitable to sellers of any size.

Here are a few tips to help you sell more effectively on your eBay Store:

1. Create relevant and complete product listings

  • Use relevant keywords within your title to best describe your product
  • Write detailed product descriptions (this is your chance to advertise your item)
  • Complete all product specifications such as UPC/EAN/ISBN
  • Use eBay’s catalogue to list items that are common such as books or technology
  • Create variable listings for items that have optional variations such as colour or size
  • Offer competitive pricing which aligns to competitors
  • Offer Free/ Combined shipping pricing and methods
  • Offer short and reliable handling times (0-3 business days)
  • List your products as Good ‘Til Cancelled to keep your sale history active

2. Professionalism – Build confidence, trust and loyalty with your customers

  • Include key selling information – Policies, Terms & Conditions and Contact Details
  • Product Photography – Upload product photos that are clear from clutter and have a neutral background. These should be high-resolution (1600 px) which show product details when zoomed in
  • Professional eBay Store Design – eBay Stores are like websites and when customised to reflect you brand identity (logo, colours, fonts, style and imagery) build buyer confidence and make your eBay Store stand out from your competitors
  • Maintain a great seller reputation of more than 98% Positive Feedback (This boosts your products ranking on eBay and builds buyer confidence)

3. Communicate 

  • Answer customer questions promptly and professionally (within 2 hours)
  • Respond promptly to returns, complaints and feedback
  • Record all correspondence on eBay
  • Notify customer on tracking details and delays
  • Take care with how you wrap and label you package
  • Incentivise customers to return to your eBay Store

4. Stay up to date with eBay’s Policies and changes

  • Regularly review your seller dashboard for notices and adapt to change as soon as possible.

Photo: Clark Street Mercantile, Montreal Canada