eCommerce Strategy Workshop for Teams

Designed to bring your team together this workshop will focus on the opportunities that lie ahead and will unearth different perspectives from your team which we will use to shape your eCommerce strategy for implementation.

Working together we will discuss your strategic goals, challenges, existing systems and processes and map out an approach to optomise your eCommerce website. This upfront discovery will help us design the best approach for your needs and get us the MVP we need.  Working together we will establish motivation and priorities for technical implementation.

  • 1 x 2 hour on-site workshop
  • Further Zoom meetings where required to clarify objectives and tech requirements
  • A report will be issued 2 weeks post workshop with a summary of meeting and action plan (see details overleaf)

Workshop outline


To bring team together to brainstorm 1 x key challenge/  goal to establish motivation from a range of perspectives and experiences working in the business.

The challenge

There are many moving parts to your business with different opportunities to pursue and implement through technology and its hard to choose what to execute with the best ROI.

Being a small team you are restricted in your execution as you are limited with resources and time and would benefit from having an external consultant plan and execute strategies that your team and chosen suppliers can bring to fruition.


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