eCommerce Strategy, Training and Support (Monthly)

Are you a small team with big ideas and need a partner who can support you in growing your retail and online business?

Do you need to hire an eCommerce Manager but don't know what you're looking for and need an expert who can strategically plan and oversee the implementation of your technology solutions on a per project basis rather than hiring someone full time?

Let's do things differently.

Collaborate and grow your business online with advisory and support from an experienced eCommerce Specialist.

Work directly with Chana Imsirovic, eCommerce Specialist at Owl and Monk. Chana will work closely with your team and will help you shape your eCommerce Strategy, with a clear plan on how to bring your ideas to life and accelerate results.

You’ll be supported in creating actionable steps to achieving your goals and be kept accountable over this timeframe.


How it works

Regular meetings and check-ins with an experienced consultant to keep you motivated, accountable and productive on your goals.

  • 1 x Website Audit
  • 1.5 hour Strategy meeting (monthly)
  • Post workshop summary of opportunities and action plan
  • Virtual check-ins (fortnightly)

Who you will be working with

Each meeting and workshop will be lead by Chana Imsirovic, eCommerce Specialist at Owl and Monk.

Chana will share with you her experiences and strategies that she has learnt and developed over the last 10 years working with many retail brands and eCommerce businesses.

Chana has worked directly with the founders of small to medium sized businesses, brands, food and beverage producers and retailers who are committed to creating a better world for their people and planet.

Using the right online tools and systems she has made the lives of small business owners easier and created personalised eCommerce solutions that help them to sell their products online more simply and effectively.

Some of her clients include: Marquise, Stone and Wood, Capital Brewing and Nina’s Chocolates.

Chana will help you set the foundations of your eCommerce Strategy and through her network of Industry Partners and or her own business Owl and Monk can support your technical requirements.


Some topics we may cover:

  • How to sustainably grow your business, increasing revenue and profit margin
  • Improving customer experience (online and across sales communication channels)
  • Sell your products to wholesalers? 
  • Start selling Internationally?
  • Engage your customers through loyalty
  • Create a subscription based membership program/ product and build community
  • Improve operational efficiencies - Shipping, warehousing, inventory management etc.
  • Start using a 3PL (Third-party logistics)?
  • Best practices SEO
  • Learn how to use key technology such as Shopify, Point of Sales, Inventory Management tools etc.
  • Source equity for your business
  • Establish your Unique Value Proposition or how to be more efficient and sustainable within your operations.


Who should attend:

  • Established businesses
  • Small - Medium Sized Business/ Family Business
  • Founders/ Owners
  • Teams and or core decision makers e.g Marketing, eCommerce and Operations Managers


Benefits of working with an advisor

  • Available when you need
  • Continued Support - helping you to utilise technology to it’s full capacity
  • Understands integrations and how they can can work together
  • Can communicate technology and industry jargon in easy to use words and terminology
  • Works with someone who has experience working across different industries and retail businesses
  • Leverage Chana's professional industry network
  • Accountability