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Are you a tech partner, advocate or business leader and passionate about supporting woman in the ecommerce industry?  

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Female Voices in eCommerce Podcast

Listen to our podcast series to hear the voices of Female: Founders, Entrepreneurs and Advocates who share their stories, experiences and strategies on how to grow a successful retail business online.

Hosted by: Chana Imsirovic,  eCommerce Specialist and Founder at Owl and Monk

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Why Podcasting:

Podcasts give a more personable way for guests and sponsors to connect with an audience and build trust and loyalty through ongoing listenership and connection.

Podcasting is the preferred medium by many (including myself) who want to expand their knowledge base, be entertained and learn in a convenient way. 


    • International listeners
    • Female entrepreneurs, advocates and founders of eCommerce businesses
    • Industry Partners and Industry bodies
    • Small - Medium Sized Business Owners and decision makers.

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