Female Voices in eCommerce Podcast

Hosted by: Chana Imsirovic,  eCommerce Specialist and Founder at Owl and Monk

Listen to our podcast series to hear the voices of Female: Founders, Entrepreneurs and Advocates who share their stories, experiences and strategies on how to grow a successful retail business. 

This is the podcast for women looking to take their idea to the world and want the knowledge, inspiration and connection to build a business that they love.

Please share this podcast with women you know who would benefit in hearing our stories.


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We are excited to be partnering with Dotdigital who are sponsoring this podcast.

Dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that helps digital marketers deliver communications across the entire customer journey. The platform uses customer data, which powers engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale. The easy-to-use platform also helps retailers surface powerful insights which help automate cross-channel communications that cater to customer needs.


About host

Chana Imsirovic

G'day everyone, My name is Chana and I am your host and founder of the Female Voices in eCommerce podcast

I have been working as a eCommerce Specialist for over a decade through my business Owl and Monk.

I work one-on-one with founders of small to medium sized businesses, brands, food and beverage producers and retailers who are committed to creating a better world for their people and planet.

I am passionate about connecting and empowering women in the eCommerce industry, and through this podcast series will share their stories with you.


(Launch party with our first podcast guests Amy Cooper, Chana Imsirovic, Jennifer Hattingh, Sophie Rankine and Rachelle Stirling )