About Us

eCommerce Agency - Shopify and eBay Store Set-up, Website Design and Development, Website Migration. eCommerce Mentoring, Advisory and one-on-one Training.  

Additional services offered: eBay and Amazon marketplace setup, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, product photography and content writing.

Owl and Monk is a boutique agency and Shopify Partner in Australia that specialises in helping retail businesses grow online.

We work one-on-one with founders of small to medium sized businesses, brands, food and beverage producers and retailers who are committed to creating a better world for their people and planet.

Using the right online tools and systems we make the lives of small business owners easier and create personalised eCommerce solutions that help them to sell their products online more simply and effectively.

We take a unique approach to each business we work with, by understanding their pain points, budget and data, combined with our foundations in design and development, we deliver the right functionally designed solutions.

Owl and Monk is located in Southern Sydney and specialising in helping commerce businesses grow their brands online through strategic planning, design, technology and implementation. 

We are passionate about online design that is simple, smart and gets results. For us the right design is not only about looking great but also functioning well and helping our clients grow their business.

Our name owl and monk represent our two key beliefs in building a successful online brand – wisdom and simplicity. All our work is guided by these two themes.

Chana Imsirovic founded Owl and Monk in 2012 and specialises in helping retailers grow their business. 

Chana started Owl and Monk after being confronted with some tricky problems that her clients were facing when selling on their eBay and online stores. To overcome these challenges she became as knowledgeable as possible, questioning web developers, designers and other online sellers about store design, coding, customer service, freight and inventory management processes.

Chana’s experience includes working directly with business owners to help them to grow their brand online by workshopping ideas, reviewing analytics, strategically planning, designing and maintaining professional, responsive and easy to use e-commerce stores on Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay and Amazon.  Owl and Monk’s services are individually tailored to each businesses needs, goals and aspirations. Chana provides consultancy services to assist her clients to strategically plan, learn and feel empowered to scale their business. Her passion is to simplify workflows through automation, and assist business owners in running their businesses independently and effectively.

Chana studied her Masters in Design at UTS and UNSW with a major in graphic design, branding and user experience. Chana is a Shopify and eBay expert, and keeps on trend with consumer behaviour changes, cutting-edge industry knowledge, and technology advances. She does this through client relationships, industry updates, her professional network, business advisors and regularly attends industry conferences and meet-ups.

Chana’s biggest challenge in retail has come from her own online store. Chana started Mabel Loves to Play in 2016 – an online women’s golfing apparel store – after noticing that there wasn’t a good range of stylish women’s golf clothing available in Australia’s market. She has mastered how to fulfil orders, manage challenging customers, build supplier relationships, source products, and sell to an online audience. Chana is hoping to manufacture her own product range in the next 24 months and has started the process by contacting manufacturers, sourcing product samples and researching sustainable and plastic free materials. She has therefore been through what many of her clients are going through, putting her in a unique position of understanding.

Chana considers her clients as business partners and is motivated to help them to succeed in their growth, establish their brand and reputation online and to build profitable memorable businesses.

Chana has been labelled the ‘IT Angel’ by her clients, and when she is not nerding it up you can find her on the beach surfing with friends, speaking intermediate Spanish with strangers, or sharing chocolate and good times with her family.