How ecommerce businesses can be more sustainable by offsetting their carbon emissions

I am excited to start helping our clients be more sustainable 🌏 with their ecommerce businesses by offsetting their carbon emissions.
There are a few ways you can use Shopify to do this too:

1. Activate Shop Pay on your Shopify Store
(Shopify contribute their $$ to make shipping emissions carbon neutral, they also support the research and continual development of programs to further improve the process)

2. Install the Shopify's Offset app on your Shopify Store
(Paid by merchants > Auto calculate distance / tonne of emissions and offset).

Why does it matter? Because we want to live in a world with clean air and water, a place that we feel safe and have access to the essentials in and life as well as protect our natural environments, flora and fauna 🦘

Working in eCommerce we need to be responsible for the impact our Shipping is making.

What best practices do you have in place on your website? Have you used these apps?

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Offset your carbon emissions by using the Offset app

Offset App by Shopify

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