Interviewing Awards Winners at The 3rd NORA Solution Partners Awards

On a cool Autumn night Industry solution partners got together for an evening under the stars at beautiful bush retreat in Waranara Ridge, Berrilee NSW to celebrate the Annual NORA Solution Partners Awards.

Our director and eCommerce Specialist Chana Imsirovic and industry friend Retail Strategist Salena Knight interviewed a selection of Award Winners.

Congratulations to each of the Awards winners who survived 2020 a challenging year in retail during the disruptive lockdowns and restrictions presented through the COVID Pandemic. 

The winners worked directly with small to large sized retailers to help them with their ecommerce strategy, website development, data, tech integrations, digital marketing, staffing and operations. 

It's importnat to recognise these partners as they play an important role in supporting and growing business, keeping the industry relevant and on trend.

Watch video highlights here.


Australia's 3rd Annual Solution Partner Awards from NORA Network on Vimeo.



Above (top to bottom): Trustpilot, Searchspring, Payooner, Milk It Academy speaking with Chana Imsirovic about the Award.