Is your website accessible to people ?

Everyone suffers from accessibility issues at times when viewing websites and buying online - these may include visual impairment, colour blindness, dyslexia and or cognitive issues.

You may even struggle reading and concentrating when your tired, stressed or jet lagged.

With an increasing ageing population your missing out on communicating (and selling) to a large target group by not considering accessibility in your website design and build.

An improved user experience will guarantee more enquires and sales and most importantly make it accessible to everyone.

!!! Tech recommendation
I came across this widget that gives your customers the controls to view a website their preferred way... For me I am always zooming in on text and find it slows down my research when I do so, causing frustration and distraction.

The widget can be implement across most website platforms including #Shopify #Wordpress #Magento #Bigcommerce #Hubspot and #Joomla

View widget here 

Try it out on this live Shopify website. Navigate to the 👁 eye icon...