Podcast - How Coronavirus will impact your retail or ecommerce business

🎙️Podcast.... Interesting insights and good tips by Salena Knight on how to future proof your Retail and eCommerce business during this challenging time. The Coronavirus is impacting how products are being manufactured and distributed as facilities have been closed due to quarantine and sickness in China and South Korea.

This limitation in production has slowed down (or stopped) the manufacturing of products, parts, accessories and fabrics and is not just impacting the availability to purchase household goods (rice, pasta and toilet paper).

What is your strategy for dealing with this challenge and do you have a marketing plan in place?

Salena has some good tips on being 'nimble', 'new product lines', 'excessive stock' and 'partnering' with you 'frenemies' (aka competition) during this challenging time.

Listen to podcast here


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