Podcast Launch - Female Voices in eCommerce

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Chana was excited to launch and share with you her new podcast series that celebrates the stories of women in the eCommerce industry.

Female Voices in eCommerce:
This is the podcast for women looking to take their idea to the world and want the knowledge, inspiration and connection to build a business that they love.

Listen to our podcast series to hear the voices of Female: Founders, Entrepreneurs and Advocates who share their stories, experiences and strategies on how to grow a successful retail business online.

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About Podcast host:

Chana is the founder of Owl and Monk, an eCommerce consultancy in Australia.

Through her business she provides mentoring, strategy and web design solutions to small to medium sized business owners and have had the pleasure of meeting many talented brands and women in the industry.

Chana is the co-founder of the Shopify Women’s Network, an online community designed to empower women to confidently use Shopify to grow their brands.

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