Shopify Design: Brogers Natural Beauty


Brogers Natural Beauty

Working with Founder and inspired beauty practitioner Melissa Powley we designed a new e-Commerce website for her business Brogers Natural Beauty on Shopify to profile her selection of organic and natural skin care products.

Melissa hand picks each brand and product based on their health benefits, ingredients and manufacturing ethics and wanted a new website to profile these products professionally as well as a place where she could connect and educate people on how to care for their skin.

Selling skin care products is complex as each customer has their own unique skin and may need help in choosing products that are suitable for their skin types, sensitivities and existing health conditions.  Working with Melissa (and learning a lot about skin health a long the way) we have created a smart filter where customers can search products based on their own health, aspirations and ethical choices (like if they vegan). This filtering system makes it easier for them to find what they need and make an informed purchase decision… Therefor buying in confidence, reducing health enquires and product returns.

For this smart filter to work effectively we spent a bit of time preparing the data so that it consistently displays within the search. Thinking like customers and testing scenarios we allocated key words that were common for people to use and relate to when they describe their health as well as rewording items that were hard to remember or understand such as practitioner specific jargon.

To empower Melissa to run her business confidently and adapt to changing business conditions, consumer behaviour and technology we have designed her new e-Commerce website on Shopify. The Shopify platform enables growth for retailers and can manage high volume traffic and sales. It presents well on mobile and integrates with key business tools for marketing, inventory management and order fulfilment.

We love Shopify as it easy for retailers and customers to use.