Stone and Wood eCommerce Website Migration (Magento to Shopify)

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Stone & Wood

Working directly with the team at Stone & Wood Brewing Company we assessed the viability of continuing to run their website through Magento.

In early 2020 Magento 1 will no longer be available for brands to run their websites and business operations on. To overcome this brands need to consider rebuilding their website on Magento 2 or consider an alternative platform, both options require planning, web development and content implementation. 

Working collaboratively with the Stone & Wood's team and eCommerce Strategist Nathan Bush at 12HIGH we determined that the best platform fit for Stone & Wood would be a combined integration between Wordpress and Shopify.

Stone & Wood are an independent brewing company based in Byron Bay. They are well known for their community engagement, contribution to local industry, and have a strong brand following.

Wordpress is a powerful content management system that will enable Stone & Wood to tell their brand story, publish regular content and engage with their audience in a personable way.

To enable Stone & Wood to continue to build strong relationships with their drinkers we integrated Wordpress with the commerce functionality of Shopify so that it would be an easier and more intuitive ordering process for their customers and a smooth integration with their internal operating and fulfilment systems.

Working together throughout the migration process we strategically planned how to manage customer accounts, order history, product and content data between the 3 platforms and launched the site with minimal disruption to sales/ traffic.

Working collaboratively with Stone & Wood's SEO and email marketing team and Nathan Bush the website has been optimised for growth, with measurable goals and a clear marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond.

The website design layout is easy to use so that all visitors can choose their own adventure on the website some navigating between content, booking a brewery tour or finding the best place to to buy or drink a beer at their local, instore or online.  

We worked hard but had a lot of fun through the process. We meet the team in Byron over a beer tasting 🍻 immersed in local life, explored the native hinterland and even met a wild Koala 🐨

Owl and Monk would like to thank the combined smarts of Chana Imsirovic, Richie Tyler, Steve Blick, Dane Pitman and Nathan Bush who collaborated on this project.

!! Did you know that beer purchased directly from Stone & Wood's online store is delivered fresh from the brewery and may have only been brewed a couple days earlier?

... beer is best consumed fresh!

The Pacific Ale is my favourite a classic easy drinking ale that reminds me of surfing at sunset at my local beach break with friends.

Don't believe me? Order online or try something new at:

"It's been awesome working with Chana at Owl and Monk to help evolve our online presence at Stone & Wood Brewing Co. She has been able to quickly understand what we are trying to achieve and bring to life a great solution in a really timely way. Her in depth experience and attention to detail allowed her to create a really specific and customised solution for us and she was able to pull in other collaborators to support her work when needed. Cheers Chana! "


Steve Blick

Steve Blick, Stone & Wood
Taking the lead on how we connect with our drinkers