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Working directly with the team at Stone & Wood we assessed the viability of continuing to run their website through Magento.

In early 2020 Magento 1 will no longer be available for brands to run their websites and business operations on. To overcome this brands need to consider rebuilding their website on Magento 2 or consider an alternative platform, both options require planning, web development and content implementation. 

After careful consideration we established that the best platform fit for Stone & Wood would be a combined integration between Wordpress and Shopify.

Stone & Wood are a lifestyle brand that brew and sell their own craft beer in Byron Bay. They are well known for their community engagement, contribution to local industry, and have a strong brand following.

Wordpress is a powerful content management system that will enables Stone & Wood to tell their brand story, publish regular content and engage with their audience in a personable way.

To enable Stone & Wood to sell their beer, we integrated Wordpress with the commerce functionality of Shopify so that it would be an easier and more intuitive ordering process for their customers and a smooth integration with their internal operating and fulfilment systems.

Working together throughout the migration process we strategically planned how to manage customer accounts, order history, product and content data between the 3 platforms and launched the site with minimal disruption to sales/ traffic.

Working with Stone & Wood's SEO and email marketing team the website has been optimised for future marketing and can easily be navigated to read content and buy fresh cold beer online, instore or at your local. 

The Pacific Ale is my favourite a classic easy drinking ale that reminds me of summer and good times.