Website development for Stone and Wood

Stone and Wood are a business that are continuously improving on how they operate and are striving to be more sustainable with their fulfilment and operations, are community minded and want to make it easy for their drinkers (customers) to engage with their brand. 

Through the website we have developed the below solutions to make it easy for drinkers to buy their favourite beer online or at their favourite venue (retail, restaurant or pub).

Offer beer subscriptions

  • Beer Club - Exclusive Membership Club for individuals to sign up to and receive specialised access to events, content and bi-monthly beer releases of the Counter Culture (Limited edition) beer release). 
  • Customer Choice - Ability to purchase beer
    • Once off (single carton) or
    • Recurring orders that allow customers to have beer delivered at regular intervals

    Customised Homepage

    • Working with SEO agency Alpha Digital redesign the homepage for better results on Google, website usability and conversion optimisation.
    • Profile brand video on loop, product carousel, profile collections, core products Pacific Ale and Counter Culture releases - keeping homepage fresh and relevant.

              • Beer Carousel
                • Interactive product Carousel displaying available beers 
                • Quick ‘Add To Cart’ button on roll-over: Making it easier for customers to buy their favourite beers without needing to go to the product page.
                • ‘View …’ Button roll-over: Available on all products to provide customers with full product information and options to buy such as beer order frequency, clothing sizes and option to buy and pick-up local beers at Byron and Brisbane Brewery. 

                Improved Mobile usability
                • Sticky Add to Cart button on mobile 
                Algolia Global Website Search 
                • Universal search enables customers to search for content and results to show from Wordpress and Shopify content
                  • Mobile responsible display
                  • Scroll
                  • Limited results “read more”
                Add Product features, Tasting notes and additional information below the product description in a visual way (icons and videos) 
                • Maximum quantity - Customise products page on select products, cart page to limit the maximum quantity available (2) for a single order purchased. The aim is to enable fair product distribution amongst beer club members as numbers are limited on beer glasses.
                • Add Unique Selling Point (USP’s) below Add to Cart button on all products based on tags

                Beer Finder 

                • Give customers the ability to search availability of favourite beer by Postcode at their local venue or retailer.  

                Recommended collections/ products 

                To give Stone and Wood the ability to customise the selected product on the ‘recommended’ display carousel we developed a solution that they can personalise products pages for specialised events like Fathers Day and or specific product releases.  A good opportunity to profile a range of beer, merch and bundles to customers that are tailored and fresh.

                Local pickup - Limited Release beers (Byron and Brisbane only)

                To adapt to their changing business needs over the last 8 months and through COVID lockdown we developed a local solution to support the Byron and Brisbane breweries, making it more convenient for people to buy online and pickup at their local brewery.  Using the Bespoke Shipping app the local pick up option was only available to customers within predefined regional postcodes.

                Partners in commerce

                We have been working with the team at Stone and Wood for over a year now and the more we work with them the more we immerse ourself in their brand culture and are learning how their operations work. This knowledge and understanding helps us provide more customised solutions for their needs as we continue to partner with them in the ongoing future.

                Was great catch up with the team recently in the Northern Rivers, to share a beer and learn more about their future plans. Chana and her parents ventured up north together for a short break and toured the Murwillumbah Brewery.

                Owl and Monk would like to thank the combined smarts of Chana Imsirovic, Richie Tyler, Steve Blick, Dane Pitman and Nathan Bush who collaborated on this project.


                "It's been awesome working with Chana at Owl and Monk to help evolve our online presence at Stone & Wood Brewing Co. She has been able to quickly understand what we are trying to achieve and bring to life a great solution in a really timely way. Her in depth experience and attention to detail allowed her to create a really specific and customised solution for us and she was able to pull in other collaborators to support her work when needed. Cheers Chana! "


                Steve Blick

                Steve Blick, Stone & Wood
                Taking the lead on how we connect with our drinkers