Anaita Sarkar, Hero Packaging: Equity, Sustainability, Tik Tok and Family


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Meet Anaita Sarkar, Co founder of Hero Packaging.

Anaita and her husband Vik are the founders of Hero Packaging and in just 4 years have built a successful business selling compostable packaging called Heropacks and are a carbon positive company.

Anaita shares with us her story including how she started the brand, sustainability, family life, recent equity raise with Equitise, how to be an ORIAS finalist, Online Retailer, Tik Tok and female entrepreneurship.

Listen in to Anaita to hear her story and a few of her top tips and tricks for success in business.

Hero Packaging

"I look at business like it is a lifestyle, and I want to be known as someone who can have the kids and have a business, and grow a business and grow a brand and really know what they're talking about... " - Anaita


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Equitise is an Australian & New Zealand investment platform that brings extraordinary opportunities to everyday people. Investing is free and all companies that we partner with are highly vetted.

Online Retailer
Online Retailer Conference & Expo is the meeting destination for the eCommerce industry to access the relevant strategic insights, solutions, technologies and connections that make a positive difference to business. 

Favourite technology:

Shift app

Shift is the desktop app for streamlining and collaborating across accounts and workflows.

Planet app
Carbon‑neutral shipping by Shopify


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Chana Imsirovic, eCommerce Specialist at Owl and Monk.
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