Rachelle Stirling, Race Chix: Women in motorsport, brand building, trademarks and sustainability

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Race Chix® is a national network of Australian women across all genres of motorsport (karts, cars, bikes and boats). Race Chix takes a holistic approach to increasing female participation in motorsport, from a grassroots level up. Initiatives include Apparel, Community, Events and Race School.

A place where women can connect and learn in a safe and friendly environment - from riders to drivers, enthusiasts and officials.

"The faster you go, the faster you spend money!  - Rachelle

Listen to Rachelle talk about:

Race Chix Motorsport

“We are strong women, we are fierce, we determined, we are persistent, we are not wall flowers that will sit in the corner… we support and nurture everyone who comes though”.

"Consumers have power, we’re the ones purchasing products and we are the one making choice.” -  Rachelle.


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