How to build your personal profile and build relationships on LinkedIn – 5 Top Tips for Women in Business

Jannat Dawra

by Jannat Dawra - Client Solutions Manager at LinkedIn | Marketing Strategy | Content Marketing

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Jannat Dawra


Inspired by the International Women’s Day events taking place across the globe, and after a wonderful breakfast with the Shopify Women’s Network, I started thinking about how networking and business has changed. Hearing about other women’s experiences building their empires, as I start my own personal entrepreneurship journey, it became evident that a platform like LinkedIn can bring about more opportunities & amplify our success.

Although LinkedIn, one of the fastest growing platforms in the world, has predominantly been perceived as a professional network for people in corporate careers, it is also a valuable tool for people in all industries. It is a hub for valuable content, learning, and building meaningful networks for all types of careers & businesses and can connect you with global partners, mentors and suppliers. 

So, I'm sharing a few tried & tested tips for growing your LinkedIn footprint by fostering meaningful relationships, and setting the basis for your business on LinkedIn:

1. Build your personal brand: 

There is a lot of value in ensuring your profile is up to date and represents you well. A professional photo a concise headline and a powerful, well-worded biography that highlights your personal & company’s ethos goes a long way in creating a trustworthy first impression.

2. Build your business page: 

Many women I have spoken to have a Facebook and Instagram page for their businesses, but were unsure if they should create a LinkedIn page as well – my answer remains the same – YES! 

By creating a business page, you are communicating to a professional and more engaged audience on the platform, who are motivated to learn from their peers, and you have the ability to reach new people by sponsoring the content you post, using LinkedIn’s powerful targeting capabilities.

3. Initiate connections and conversations: 

Reaching out to people with a personalised message on why you’d like to connect with them helps set the basis for a stronger professional relationship. Want to collaborate? Met someone at an event and want to follow up? Simply admire the work someone is doing? Tell them – it’s more human than connecting for the sake of it, and will make you more memorable in the long term. However, it’s also important to curate your contacts. Learn to say no to invitations from people you don’t know and even remove contacts from your account that you don’t have a synergy with. Like attracts like, so choose your network carefully.

4. Join groups: 

LinkedIn Groups allow you to join like-minded members and contribute to discussions, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. This is also where you can stay updated on networking events specific to your industry.

5. Engage with your network: 

As entrepreneurs, if we truly believe we can add value to the world by sharing a product or service, then we will always find people willing to pay for it. Share your ideas by posting regularly on LinkedIn & engaging with other’s posts. Start conversations & discussions to learn more about what your target market wants and needs, and by listening, you will naturally improve your business offering.

LinkedIn is a powerful collaborative platform that has transformed countless businesses, and this International Women’s Day, I encourage you to use it to build your business, no matter how small, or support a woman on her journey to do the same!

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