Mix your own carton of Stone & Wood beer this Fathers Day

Built on Shopify, customers can drag and drop their favourite Stone & Wood craft beers into a custom selected (single or multiple) carton and or generate a random carton for dad if its too hard to choose.

Try it yourself and mix your own carton here


  • Mobile responsive
  • Drag and drop selector
  • (+) Cursor and Tick indicator to show selection
  • Random Case Selector
  • Ability to order multiple cartons
  • Summary of contents on Checkout page
  • Decremental inventory
  • Easy fulfilment

This product feature was custom designed by Owl and Monk. A big shout out to Steve Blick and Richie Tyler who's combined smarts helped to bring this project to fruition.

In addition to developing this unique customer experience we also made it easy for the team to manage the order and fulfilment process too. 🍻

Curious over the cool things you can develop in Shopify or want something unique to inspire your customers to shop with your business online?

The Shopify platform is versatile and with good planning and design can be custom developed as needed. Gone are the days where your brand was limited to the themes and plugins you used in your store. 

Customised development gives brands the option to personalise their eCommerce website and to communicate their point of difference to their customers and is often a reflection of how the brand represents themselves in store or in Stone & Wood's case in their tasting room.  

Contact Chana directly to start your next website design project: [email protected]

Your website development is only limited by your imagination!


Designed for desktop

Cart summary


Designed for mobile

"It's been awesome working with Chana at Owl and Monk to help evolve our online presence at Stone & Wood Brewing Co. She has been able to quickly understand what we are trying to achieve and bring to life a great solution in a really timely way. Her in depth experience and attention to detail allowed her to create a really specific and customised solution for us and she was able to pull in other collaborators to support her work when needed. Cheers Chana! "


Steve Blick

Steve Blick, Stone & Wood
Taking the lead on how we connect with our drinkers