We are environmentally driven and community focused

I believe as a consultant it is my responsibility to share my knowledge and influence better practices in business so that my clients and networks can be successful and also protect this beautiful world we live in, by being accountable for how they produce, sell and deliver products.

I grew up the Blue Mountains, surrounded by beautiful bush, native animals and birds and now live in Southern Sydney very close to the ocean.  This lifestyle has given me a big appreciation, love and respect for all things in nature and I want to do what I can to make sure it's still around in abundance in our future.
I am inspired to help others and share my knowledge where I can including:

  • Sub Committee member, Sutherland Shire Council - Helping to shape the economic development of the region, increase tourism, jobs and community engagement
  • Mentor, Balonne Shire QLD - Helping regional business owners pivot and prepare their business for the digital future by creating more resilient, diversified and adaptable business communities through the transfer of knowledge and skills in tourism and retail
  • Podcast host - Female Voices in eCommerce - Giving voice to female founders, entrepreneurs and advocates.
  • Co Founder- Shopify Women’s Network - Passionate about connecting and empowering women in the eCommerce industry, set up an online community designed to empower women to confidently use Shopify to grow their brands, building community, sharing resources and knowledge.