eBay Store Self Assessment Checklist

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Use this document to assess and improve your eBay Store.

This document will help you:
  • Sell more effectively
  • Have an eBay Store that people want to buy from again and again

How to use this document:
  1. Establish your online selling goals
  2. Login to 'My eBay' to review the settings of your eBay Store
  3. Follow checklist and assess the current setup of your eBay Store
  4. Make changes to your eBay Store where possible

360 Degree Feedback
If you really want to know what people think about your eBay Store print these 2 pages and ask 5 friends to give a review. To start with ask them to review a sample of 3 products and answer the following questions.

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1. Setting SMART goals
Goal setting is an important part of planning the growth of your eBay Store. By completing the SMART goals questions you will be able to establish the best approach to designing and maintaining a successful eBay Store.

2. Store Setup
These processes are often overlooked by eBay Store owners. Please take a moment to check that they have all been put in place for your eBay Store.

3. Listing Management
By creating concise product listings, potential customers will be able to find your products easily on eBay. The easier you can make it for customers to find out information on your product the better chance you will have to convert their search into a sale.

4. Design - Great Content
By providing eBay with great content they are able to best match your products with customer search results and will index your products higher than your competitors.

5. Design - Product Photography
Product images are extremely influential in encouraging customers to make a purchase decision. By providing quality product photos a customer can review product without touching it and make a well informed purchase decision.

6. Customer Service
eBay rewards sellers who have a good reputation and display great customer service, they do this by promoting product listings higher in eBay search results.